Shane’s World

Il mondo di Shane
Directed by Shane MeadowsItalian title: Il mondo di Shane
Great Britain / 2000 / 70'
Paddy Considine (il tifoso di calcio; l'uomo che vive nel bosco; Toni Moroni; Jimmy), Shane Meadows (il documentarista), Tank Bullock (se stesso)

The Shane’s World project for Channel 4 is a guide to low budget film making which features four short films, film making tips and a collection of spoof advertisements. All four of the short films star Shane Meadow’s long term friend, Paddy Considine, now famous for playing Morrell in A Room For Romeo Brass, and Richard in Dead Man’s Shoes. The project as a whole is intended to help and inspire budding film-makers by showing the techiniques and tips that can help make a great short film for little or no money.

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