Síðasta Haustið

BFM — 39
BFM — 39
The Last Autumn

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Directed by Yrsa Roca FannbergItalian title: L'ultimo autunno [t.l.]
Iceland / 2019 / 79 min.
Colour and B&W / O.V. / Subtitles: sub. it./en.

More than a thousand autumns ago, humans arrived with their animals to a land pushed up against the Arctic ocean. Autumns came and autumns went. Where the road ends, Úlfar, the last in a long line of farmers, lives with his wife. As autumn returns their grandchildren arrive from the city to attend the last herding of the flock. Next autumn farming will cease and all the sheep will be gone, but the landscape pushed up against the Arctic ocean will continue to tell about that one Last Autumn at the end of the world.


Yrsa Roca Fannberg –– (Reykjavík, Iceland) brought up in Sweden with Catalan origin. She holds a BA in Fine art from Chelsea College of Art in London in 2000 and a master in Creative Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona in 2009. Her first documentary Salóme (2014) won several awards, amongst them the Best Nordic documentary at Nordisk Panorama. Yrsa also works with analogue photography and watercolours.

Filmografia essenziale

Síðasta Haustið (The Last Autumn, doc., 2019)

Salóme (doc., 2014)

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