The Princess of Egypt
Directed by Jan Forsström Italian title: The Princess of Egypt
Finland / 2013 / 89’
Emmi Parviainen (Marja), Luna Leinonen Botero (Julia), Mazdak Nassir (Kamaran), Ylva Ekblad (Karin), Miika Soini (Seppo), Bahram Peivastegan (Ali), Terhi Suorlahti (Leena)

Marja is a young single mother. She works at nights delivering newspapers and spends days taking care of her little daughter Julia. This is her whole world, which now faces Karin, a new neighbour freshly divorced who is attempting to get closer with Marja. One day the harmony of the pair is disturbed when they come across Kamaran, a Kurdish immigrant, successful businessman, and Marja’s old flame. Kamaran finds out that he can be Julia’s father and starts to pressure the woman. As Julia realizes who this strange man can be, Marja turns more and more possessive, overwhelmed by the fear of losing Julia and ready for anything, just to make sure that her daughter will not be taken away from her.

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