BFM — 38
BFM — 38
2 Birds
13 March
Auditorium – Piazza della Libertà
Directed by Rúnar RúnarssonItalian title: 2 uccelli [t.l.]
Iceland / 2008 / 15 min.
Colour / O.V.
Hera Hilmarsdóttir, Atli Oskar Fjalarsson , Sigurður Jakob Helgason, Þórunn Jakobsdóttir, Gísli Örn Garðarsson

“2 Birds” takes place during one bright summer night and follows a group of young teenagers on a journey from innocence to adulthood. The main character is a timid boy who has a typical schoolboy crush on a girl his age.


Presentation with the director

«Lovingly shot and with wonderful performances from the young leads – to make a film that is touchingly beautiful at the same time as dealing with very bad things is a remarkable achievement.»

(Amber Wilkinson,, 28 giugno 2008.)

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