Solitude and Company
by Hannah Collins

BFM — 27
BFM — 27
La sezione di BFM dedicata alle arti visive presenta alla Porta di S. Agostino la video-installazione dell’inglese Hannah Collins, artista e filmaker interessata alle archeologie dello spazio urbano.
07 March15 March
Sala alla Porta Sant’Agostino – Bergamo (Bergamo)

A video-installation by English artist Hannah Collins – internationally known photographer and filmmaker – will be presented at Porta S. Agostino. Interested in the archaeology of urban space, with her works Collins searches for traces of the past that merge with the present. At her first solo exhibition in Italy, the artist will present the film Solitude and Company (2008): against the decadent backdrop of the La Tossée factory, whose interior spaces are reflected in the slow light variations of the whole day, the action is built by voices of some Algerian inhabitants of Roubaix recounting their dreams.


Born in London, in 1956, Hannah Collins is an internationally known artist, photographer and filmmaker. Her research includes projects involving gypsy communities in Barcelona (La Mina, 2001-2004) and a remote Russian village (Current History, 2006), in which she investigates the human condition along with the communities involved in the project. Her film production also suggests an interest in urban archaeology that show traces of the past as well as signs of the future.


Bergamo, March 9 – 15, 2009

Sala Porta Sant’Agostino, Via della Fara

Free admission entry


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