Szerelmem, Elektra

Elettra, amore mio
Directed by Jancsó MiklósItalian title: Elettra, amore mio
Hungary / 1974 / 72'
Törocsik Mari (Elettra), Cserhalmi György (Oreste), Madaras József (Egisto)

Electra is oppressed by Aegisthus, the tyrant who fifteen years earlier murdered her father, Agamemnon, in a power grab. Electra is therefore filled with the urge to kill Aegisthus, along with all the other people who support his tyrannical regime. In order to humiliate Electra the tyrant forces her to marry a dwarf. Now Electra’s brother, Orestes, arrives back from abroad, disguised as a messenger reporting the death of Orestes. Electra kills him but he comes back to life. Electra and Orestes join together with the people to get rid of the tyrant who killed their father. They capture Aegisthus in a net, torture him, and have him shot. A red helicopter lands: the siblings climb into it and fly off. The unexpected intrusion of twentieth century technology highlights the extent to which timeless political themes from a two thousand year old Greek myth continue to resonate inescapably for an audience in twentieth century Hungary.

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