Conversation with Deborah Donadio

BFM — 39
BFM — 39

Thursday, April 29 – FB Live Streaming

An interview with Deborah Donadio, actress, director, voice actress and ISL coach, and also one of CINEDEAF – International Deaf Fim Festival organisers. Conducted by Sara Tonelli – head of The Blank’s educational services – the interview is meant as a moment of reflection on the relationship between cinema, deafness and accessibility. It will address issues such as the educational opportunities offered by cinema, the meaning and value of deaf cinema, the distribution on the market of works by deaf filmmakers, the inclusion of deaf talent in the film industry and the promotion of the knowledge of sign language and deaf culture through film.

Thanks to the ISL interpreting service and subtitling, the events are also accessible to the deaf audience, to which The Blank has dedicated the accessibility project LISten Project.

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