The Imposter

Directed by Bart Layton Italian title: L’impostore
UK / 2012 / 99’
Adam O'Brian (Frédéric Bourdin), Anna Ruben (Carey Gibson), Cathy Dresbach (Nancy Fisher), Alan Teichman (Charlie Parker), Ivan Villanueva (l’assistente sociale/the social worker)

Nicholas Barclay, a 13-year-old Texan boy, disappears without a trace. Three years later, a shocking news: the boy is found in Spain, thousands of miles away from home. He says he has survived an incredible abduction and the tortures of mysterious captors. The family is looking forward to embrace him, although the circumstances of the recovery are somehow odd. The refound Nicholas raises many questions. How is it possible that some details of his appearance –skin tone, eye color and hair – are so radically changed, as well as certain traits of his personality and his accent? Why his family does not seem to notice these differences? And if Nicholas is not really Nicholas?

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