The Special Need

La necessità speciale
Directed by Carlo ZorattiItalian title: La necessità speciale
Italy / Germany / 2013 / 87’
Enea Gabino, Alex Nazzi, Carlo Zoratti, Bruna Savorgnian, Carla Meneghin, Pia Covre, Carla Corso, Ute Prankl, Lothar Sandfort, Francesca Mucignat, Nerino Gabino, Elia Gabino

Enea is thirty, has a job and a problem. More than a problem: a need. A special need: to make (at least) love. Enea has two friends too, Carlo and Alex who want to help him. If it’s true that it’s difficult to realize our own dreams, it’s more difficult to realize those of the others. Enea’s dream it’s more delicate to obtain, while he’s autistic. Maybe a little journey and male complicity could be enough to help a solution?

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