This Is England ’86 / ep. 3

Directed by Shane Meadows
Great Britain / 2010 / 48'
Thomas Turgoose (Shaun Fields), Vicky McClure (Lorraine “Lol” Jenkins), Joe Gilgun (Richard “Woody” Woodford), Andrew Shim (Michael “Milky”), Stephen Graham (Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne)

Lol continues her casual affair with Milky, but Milky starts to feel guilty when an upset Woody confides in him about his failing relationship with Lol. Gadget is bullied and isolated from his friends by a controlling, sexually charged Trudy, so he decides to end their unusual eight-day relationship after urging from Harvey, who tells him that Trudy has had sex with Woody, Milky, Meggy, Gadget and himself, and also realises that Winston is Meggy’s son after seeing them playing on the Commodore 64 together (Meggy himself fails to notice Winston’s resemblance to him, due to Winston being dressed up as Dogtanion). Later, during an improvised football session on a large residential estate (the iconic Park Hill Flats in Sheffield were used for this scene), the gang are confronted by Flip and his moped gang, who want to beat Shaun up as revenge for the incident with Gemma. Scooter-riding Woody mockingly refers to the mopeds as “hairdyers”, and, as the tension escalates, it breaks out into a fight between Woody’s and Flip’s gangs, resulting in Police intervention. Shaun, meanwhile, reunites with Smell, and on her advice, returns home to apologise to his mother and give his blessing on her relationship with Mr. Sandhu. Lol starts to drown her sorrows and distances herself away from both of her lovers, especially when Milky fearfully does not defend Lol against Mick when he visits her to deny her allegations of sexual abuse. Meanwhile, Trev stops by Lol’s parents’ house to meet up with Kelly, and she awkwardly watches the football match with Mick. Mick violently rapes Trev and immediately after tells her to leave. Meanwhile, as Shaun, his mother and Smell watch the football match, a drunken and bloodied Combo stumbles into the living room and collapses on the floor.

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