Toz bezi

Straccio per la polvere
Directed by Ahu ÖztürkItalian title: Straccio per la polvere
Turkey, Germany / 2015 / 98'
Asiye Dinçsoy (Nesrin), Nazan Kesal (Hatun), Serra Yilmaz (la signora/Mrs. Ayten), Didem Inselel (la signora/Mrs. Asli), Asel Yalin (Asmin), Mehmet Özgür (Sero), Yusuf Ancu (Oktay)

Nesrin and Hatun are two Kurdish cleaning women who live in Istanbul. Their life is an endless back and forth between their down-at-heel home and the classy flats in Kadiköy where they work. Hatun is like an elder sister to Nesrim: she is a funny woman, pragmatic and a little indiscreet, obsessed with saving, with a lazy husband and a not-too-promising teenage son. Nesrin, instead, more sensitive and melanchonic, is alone with her little daughter after that her husband Cafer said “Cefo” has left her without a reason. Both them dream a better future, a job with social security, maybe a nice house. Nesrin tries to get herself out, but still there comes a point where the uphill struggle begins to put her down and the daily difficulties become insurmountable.

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