Venezia altrove

BFM — 40
BFM — 40
Venice Elsewhere
30 March
Directed by Elia RomanelliItalian title: Venezia altrove
Italy / 2021 / 65 min.
Colour / O.V. / Subtitles: it./en.
Giuseppe Cederna

While Venice is sinking under the weight of mass tourism and exceptionally high water, the director traveled through Europe in search of remote places that share its name: a village in the heart of Transylvania, a district of Berlin or even a beauty salon in Zagreb. In these places, people share the same silent wish to one day visit the lagoon city they have never seen. The poetic journey into the heart of the 5 protagonists explores the impact of an iconic city like Venice in the collective imagination.

Presentation with the director + Q&A


Elia Romanelli – (Venice, Italy, 1981) graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome with a degree in Anthropology, followed by a specialization in Visual Anthropology at the University of Turin. He started filmmaking in 2007 and made several documentaries with Studio Liz, that he co-founded, often in co-production with Rai. He currently collaborates with DocArt, a production company specialized in art documentaries.

Essential filmography

Venezia altrove (Venice Elsewhere, doc, 2021)
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Acqua Salsa. Storie di Voga (doc, 2014)
Lën. Storie e pensieri di tre artisti gardenesi (short doc, 2012)
Il Viaggio di Aron (doc, 2009)
Chi crea Venezia (short doc, 2008)

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