Vivre sa vie: film en douze tableaux

Questa è la mia vita
Directed by Jean-Luc GodardItalian title: Questa è la mia vita
France / 1962 / 80'
Anna Karina (Nana Kleinfrankheim), Sady Rebbot (Raoul), André S. Labarthe (Paul), Guylaine Schlumberger (Yvette), Gérard Hoffman (il capo), Monique Messine (Elisabeth), Paul Payel (il giornalista),

Nana, a beautiful Parisian in her early twenties, leaves her husband and infant son hoping to become an actress. Without money, beyond what she earns as a shopgirl, and unable to enter acting, she elects to earn better money as a prostitute. Soon she has a pimp, Raoul, who after an unspecified period agrees to sell Nana to another pimp. During the exchange the pimps argue and Nana is killed in a gun battle. Nana’s short life on film is told in 12 brief episodes each preceded by a written intertitle.

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