Wir können nicht den hellen Himmel träumen

Non possiamo sognare un cielo limpido
Directed by Carmen TartarottiItalian title: Non possiamo sognare un cielo limpido
Germany / 2014 / 91'
Theresia Kerschbamer, Helene Kerschbamer

Sister Benvenuta and Sister Angelica, who are biological sisters, run a convent in South Tyrol. They are the only ones remaining, after the monastic community was dissolved, some nuns have died and the novice long-awaited never came. To make sure that people out there don’t think that two nuns no longer make a convent, they try to keep up a full range of activities that once did eighteen nuns. The women’s headstrong character and their stubborn insistence on autonomy and self-dependency creates situations that are both touching and funny, and entirely unexpected in a place like that.

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