Directed by Jim Taihuttu
The Netherlands / 2013 / 122’
Marwan Kenzari (Majid), Nasrdin Dchar (Hamza), Raymond Thiry (Ben), Chemseddine Amar (Adil), Cahit Ölmez (Hakan), Bo Maerten (Tessa), Steef Cuijpers (Voorman), Slimane Dazi (il contrabbandiere d’ar

Majid is a talented kickboxer from an anonymous suburb in The Netherlands. After a stint in prison, he is looking to put his life back on the right track when gym owner Ben takes him under his wing. Majid loathes the honest but low-paying work he does and in the ring turns brutal, wanting to earn extra money to help pay medical care for his eldest brother Hamza. As his fighting prowess brings him increasing notoriety in and outside the ring, the worlds of kickboxing and organized crime begin to blur into each another. When the Turkish mafia boss Hakan shows interest in his skills, Majid begins to lose sight of what he really wants.

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