Wuthering Heights

Cime tempestose [t.l.]
Directed by Andrea ArnoldItalian title: Cime tempestose [t.l.]
UK / 2011 / 128'
Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Nichola Burley, Oliver Milburn, Steve Evets, Paul Hilton

On a rainy night, a black boy is given aid by Mr. Earnshaw, a farmer living with his sons in a Yorkshire farmstead. Named Heathcliff, the orphan is bullied by Hindley, Mr Hearnshaw’s quarrelsome older son, but he is loved by Cathy, his younger sister who encourages and supports Heathcliff’s savage spirit. The spiritual kinship between the two is truncated by Mr Earnshaw’s sudden death, and by the hard feelings in Hindley, who persuades Cathy to marry the sophisticated Edgar Linton. But the memory of that wind-beaten love smolders in their hearts, until it violently flares up a few years later, when an educated and refined Heathcliff goes back to Cathy.

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