Zapelji me

Seduce Me
Directed by Marko ŠanticItalian title: Seduce Me
Slovenia / 2013 / 83’
Janko Mandic (Luka), Nina Rakovec (Ajda), Nataša Barbara Gracner (la madre di Luka/Luka's mother), Dario Varga (Milan), Primož Pirnat (Blaz), Grega Zorc (Stane), Ljerka Belak (Milena)

Abandoned by his mother when he was ten, Luka ended up in a youth care centre. Nine years later, all grown up now, he decides to leave and find out where his father – dead when he was very little – is buried. While searching for answers from his past, Luka discovers a shocking family secret: he feels betrayed and finds his only solace in his relationship with Ajda, a girl he met at work. Luka would make plans with her, but she doesn’t want nothing more serious. Ajda, who has been hurt in the past, doesn’t trust people anymore and Luka soon finds out that she holds a secret as well.

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