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14 March 201315:00
Cinema Capitol

FollowMedia 2013

Meeting addressed to producers, agencies and professionals who want to present a competitive request of support inside the Media Project (deadline: april 12, 2013) to develop feature films, documentaries, animation movies.
10 March 201315:00
Elav Meeting Point – Piazza della Libertà

Cinema… Work in progress!

This lab lets kids and teens try out how to move pictures like we used to at the beginning of cinematographic art: optical illusions such as thaumatropes, flip books, phénakisticopes, camera obscura.
09 March 201319:00
Elav Meeting Point – Piazza della Libertà

Meeting with
Regina Pessoa

Regina Pessoa, director of Kali, o pequeno vampiro (Kali, The Little Vampire), meets the audience of Bergamo Film Meeting. To follow: tasting of craft beers Elav and the official beer dedicated to the 31st edition of the Festival, F for Fake, an hommage to Orson Welles.
08 March
30 March

Frame out to dry

Mostra dei disegni originali del film L'Alchimista di Andrea Aste, che racconta di un mondo parallelo fatto di marionette di carta che prendono vita e approdano sullo schermo. Un viaggio attraverso 92 chine ad inchiostro rosso e nero su foglio bianco.
15 March 201215:00
Elav Meeting Point – Piazza della Libertà

MEDIA 2007

A panoramic on the different types of support inside MEDIA 2007 with a focus on the ban Sviluppo di Opere (deadline April 13, 2012).
11 March
03 April

História tragica com final feliz
by Regina Pessoa

From March 11 to April 3, 2011, the prestigious setting of the Sala alla Porta Sant’Agostino, will host the national preview of the exhibition featuring original drawings, studies, animations and engravings for Regina Pessoa's film História Tragica com Final Feliz.
06 March
28 March


Cinescatti is the new project by Laboratorio 80 and Bergamo Film Meeting for the recovery and promotion of family archives, with particular attention to films made by amateurs between the 1930s and the 1980s in 9.5mm, 8mm, Super8 and 16mm formats.