Bergamo Film Meeting Association

Bergamo Film Meeting Association, the Festival’s organisational structure, was born in 1983.
As of 2013, Bergamo Film Meeting is registered as an ONLUS association (i.e., a non-profit organisation with social aims).

The Association supports and promotes the distribution of films and documentaries of national and international production in the theatre and cineclub cultural circuit. It participates in the re-edition and promotion of film classics; all-year-round it organises film festivals, retrospectives, cultural events, labs and workshops, book publications, etc.

The Association is linked to many cultural institutions, with which it shares prestigious collaboration projects. Among them are cinematheques and contemporary art museums, such as National Museum of Cinema (Turin), British Film Institute (London), GAMeC (Contemporary Art Gallery, Bergamo), Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Cineteca Nazionale (Rome), Griffith Cinematheque (Genoa), Cineteca di Bologna, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana (Milan), University of Bergamo, AGISNational Film Association, Cinemateca Portuguesa (Lisbon), Filmoteca Española (Madrid), Neederland Filmmuseum (Amsterdam), Magyar Filmunió (Budapest), Finnish Film Foundation, Swedish Film Institute.

Bergamo Film Meeting was among the recipients of the 2012 Bergamo Municipality Merit Awards. A Gold Medal was bestowed to Bergamo Film Meeting by the City of Bergamo, as civic recognition for “the promotion, restoration and distribution, along thirty years of activity, of milestones in the history of cinema. 3,600 films were screened, over 400 of which found distribution thanks to Bergamo Film Meeting’s support. Thanks to its numerous partnerships in Europe, Bergamo Film Meeting is a reference initiative in the field”.


Davide Ferrario

Vice President
Angelo Signorelli

Board of Directors
Davide Ferrario, Angelo Signorelli, Danilo Conti

Pietro Bianchi, Chiara Boffelli, Danilo Conti, Bruno Fornara, Fiammetta Girola, Emanuela Martini, Adriano Piccardi, Angelo Signorelli, Jenny Vassalli.

Founding Members
Sandro Zambetti, Pier Carlo Nolli, Angelo Signorelli, Adriano Piccardi, Ermanno Comuzio, Pier Lodovico Cortesi, Danilo Conti, Morando Morandini. 


Press Release - Davide Ferrario appointed as new President of Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus (.pdf)