Film Tasting Workshop 2016

Un corso di degustazione di cinema, per affinare il gusto e imparare a riconoscere i buoni film. Una serie di assaggi di pellicole di successo, in un viaggio guidato alla scoperta degli ingredienti e dei segreti della scrittura per il grande schermo.
08 January24 January

A film tasting workshop, to refine the palate and learn to recognize good films. A series of samples of successful films, on a guided journey to discover the ingredients and secrets of writing for the big screen.

The workshop aims to provide a series of tools to evaluate the stories told by films, to read between the lines of a well-written dialogue and to dig into the folds of a story in search of its deepest meaning. Because a savvy audience always knows which film to choose…

The workshop will also include two tastings of craft beer by the ELAV independent brewery.

Davide Lantieri is a screenwriter for cinema and TV. Among other things, he wrote Dieci inverni by Valerio Mieli, I primi della lista by Roan Johnson, L’intrepido by Gianni Amelio and I delitti del BarLume.


January 8, 10, 22 e 24, 2016

Participation fee: 45 euro
Registration: Bergamo Film Meeting Onlus – via Pignolo, 123 – 24121 Bergamo – Tel. +39 035 363087 [email protected]


Progetti formativi

26 October
17 November
Intensive workshop - aimed to teachers, educators, entertainers and movie fans - that will provide the skills and tools needed to create, and facilitate the creation of short animated films in a socio-educational context. Two techniques were experimented in the 2019 edition: paper motion and direct drawing on film.
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